November 2, 2009

Be bold; eschew mediocrity

While I took a long sabbatical from being a political junkie, I ended up watching MSNBC & CNN when I wasn't feeling well - big mistake! It truly does affect one's BP.

What is so disheartening is the extent to which the Dems have fulfilled my prophecy that they would prove to be President Obama's undoing - not the knee-jerk Republicans who make me want to puke every time I hear one of them speak. (I think they are so irresponsible that they seem oblivious to the mortal danger in which they are putting the President. It hurts just to watch it.)

The Dems, on the other hand, have rendered virtually every once-bold policy initiative bland. Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers,Tim Geithner and the Joint Chiefs have failed the President miserably. I'd rather see a bold, strong one-term administration than a mediocre two-term one. In "The Republic," arguably the best piece of literature ever penned, Plato knew that their could be no reasoning and no accommodation with the Barbarian -- the only sour note and major disappointment in his postulation of the "ideal state" ruled by a philosopher-king.

The President needs to march to his own drummer, push his own agenda and let the chips fall where they may. He needs to abandon the politics of compromise and don the mantle of bold leadership. He has to shed the Clintonesque need to be liked by those who would do him harm -- virtually everyone in Congress and many within his own administration. The only two legislators I know of who are not in the pockets of K-Street, Wall Street or virulent talk-show hosts are Dennis Kucinich and Olympia Snowe -- they heed their own moral compass more than most and the President would do well to put them in positions of power.

Oh well, thank God for football season and Brett Favre!

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